Bridal Hair and Makeup Spring 2015

hbz-wedding-beauty-Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley-0512-lgnI’m pleased to announce that natural and classic bridal makeup is still the current trend.  Though, I’m seeing more soft, light pink and less uber nude lips for a more modern style.  You will definitely find a consistent theme on the runways for Spring 2015 makeup.  The look is fresh and clean and just bitten lips.  Yaaaaas!

Hair on the wedding runways is always a little edgy, but I know all these styles can be toned down to perfection for the real brides out there!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks so fresh and so clean, clean!    But, I mean really, it’s what I LOVE about this look!  It’s fresh, clean, modern, yet classic!  A girl CAN’T go wrong with this style!  The center part is gorgeous but, you could definitely move the part to the side and still achieve this crisp look by keeping the hair sleek and shiny!  It’s also all about the makeup!  That’s what keeps it so youthful and fresh!  There’s that word again!  Flawless skin, lightly flushed cheeks, soft pink lipstick and  neutral lids.  Top it all off with several coats of black mascara and you’re perfect!!!


I love the variation of this look with a simple updo and embelished hair accessory as seen on Monique Lhuillier, runway.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is a more textured updo.  Ugh!  This hair is so good!  I LOVE the texture and how it’s not overly coiffed.  It’s soft and definitely romantic.  The makeup is fresh, with a not too nude lip.  I like the choice here to line the upper lash line and keep the lower line clean.  It’s just a classic look that never goes out of style.  Bonus, it makes your eyes look bigger, brighter and well rested. Let’s face it ladies, I don’t know any bride that couldn’t use help with the later!

Another cool textured updo as seen on Marchesa runway for Spring 2015



A down-do version of this look as seen on the Reem Acra runway.  The soft waves and mini

mal makeup are effortless! And yes, I LOVE THIS TOO!  What I love most about this look is the choice of lip color!  I’m sooooo happy to see bridal makeup leaning a little more towards color for lips. It gives a youthful, playfulness and I think everyone benefits from  little color on their lips.

I’m still seeing braids for 2015 and I love this plait in particular!  Sareh Nouri

2015-Bridal-Beauty-Trends-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-45This next look isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s not runway crazy per say, but it is definitely a bolder look.  A bolder look -that rocks!  It makes me wish I was a bride again!  Once more, Reem Acra is bringing on the cool!


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Amy & Matt’s Two Part Engagement Shoot 1950′s and 1920′s style!


What better place to start your engagement shoot than where you had your first date!   Amy and Matt shared milkshakes and gazes at Grind House Killer Burger’s in Atlanta on their first date.  The burger joint’s decor has a cool mix of vintage and new.  It fits perfectly for their 50′s style engagement shoot!  I provided hair and makeup and we were honored to have the most talented Bri McDaniel Photography on set for the shoot!




Check out Bri’s website to view all of her work.  Bri is also photographing Amy and Matt’s wedding soon!






I told you they share milkshakes!!!



And kisses!  Ooo la la!  Presh la mesh!!!







Also, I want that milkshake!
















WARDROBE CHANGE!!!   Location and wardrobe change for a 1930′s inspired shoot!


Cutting up and so stinking cute!  Amy and Matt are seriously the sweetest!  They were so much fun to work with!








Wait for it….


Bonnie and Clyde style baby!
















Save the date people!  It’s only a few weeks away until Amy and Matt tie the knot!  Here’s wishing them a beautiful life together!

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Chin up! Pinup!

Chin up! Pinup!

Classic Pinup Photo Shoot in the Sunshine State!

Classic pinup hair and makeup has always been a favorite of mine!  In fact, it was how I got my start.  The very first photo shoot I ever did was with Erin Bohanon, of RCB Fashion and Knot Couture, on a pinup style shoot!

That’s why when Erin asked me to travel to Florida for a pinup shoot, I hit the road, baby!












Here’s a selfie of me and my hubby on the road to Florida.  Gloating and reminding our awesome friends and family in Georgia that we’re on our way to the beach!!!










New Smyrna Beach was the destination of this cute pinup shoot and let me tell you, New Smyrna Beach is the cutest and coolest little Florida beach town I’ve seen!  We had the pleasure of working with photographer, Jessica, of Jessica Dailey Photography.  This is her home turf and she knew the artsy beach community like the back of her hand!  Sorry for the cliche’ but, I’m the queen of them and frankly, she did!  We started at the boardwalk and ended at the beach.  What better way to navigate a photo shoot!










I think it’s fun to show the behind the scenes!  I love seeing them just as much as the final product!  It’s so cool to see my friends and myself actually doing what we love!  Isn’t that the point folks!  Plus, I get a kick out of seeing what a dork I am!  I mean, I’ve never had any doubts but, it always confirms!!! What’s with the flower crowned hippie child and punk stomping combat boots?  Well, there’s a story behind that but, I won’t get into it!  Just have fun already!


Along the way, we were distracted; Ooooo SHINY, by local boutiques and designs.  We ended up hypnotized by this hot pink, rod iron bench and of course, the chevron fabric!  RCB Fashion designed the classic high waisted pinup shorts and gingham and anchor embellished, sleeveless button down.  I wanted to throw it on with a cute pair of converse and skoot around town feeling cute and sassy!


From boutiques to bars… no, we didn’t actually stop at a bar for a drink.  We did stop, right in our tracks, just outside a local pub, at the site of three perfectly aged oak whiskey barrels!  Our pinup needed to rest her gams and what better place!



Best and final stop… the beach!  Shore side with this bathing beauty was pinup heaven!  I seriously had a moment (several really) when I turned to Erin and said “pinup on the beach, this is cool!”.   Jessica, of Jessica Dailey Photography, was a pleasure to meet and work with!  When we set out on our ride to the first location in her old school Caddy, I knew we were in good hands!  Jessica’s passion for pinup extends from her personal life to her professional and it shows in her work!  You should find her Facebook page and her WeddingWire page!


If you’ve got that awesome present of super sweet snapshots in the back of your mind that you know you’ve always wanted to do for your honey (and let’s get real, for yourself), contact Jessica Dailey Photography!

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Double Divas Days… my experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist on set


Hello out there!

Some of you have asked about my experience on Lifetime’s Double Divas so I thought I might share a little with you…

If you haven’t seen the show, you should check it out!  It’s a hilarious reality show about two charming southern ladies that run a lingerie shop in Kennesaw, Georgia called Livi Rae Lingerie, owned by Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker.  They have all the beautiful satin and lace and even a little leather that you could possibly fancy!  What makes this boutique different?  It’s not your average “God, I feel really uncomfortable in here” or “I really hope they have something that I don’t feel gross in” type of shop.  Molly and Cynthia aka the Double Divas are highly trained and highly skilled bra fitters that cater to ALL.  That’s the difference.  As soon as you walk in the door you feel comfortable right away.  That’s a big part of their company culture.  Their motto is No Bust Too Big or Small We Fit Em’ All!  They can and do fit EVERYONE and I mean everyone and turn no one away!

I worked on Double Divas for almost a year as the Key Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for Molly Hopkins and Cynthia Decker.  Working on Double Divas was a lot of hard work and long hours but, well worth it.  I had so much fun on this set!  Molly and Cynthia are both so sweet and funny and the crew was the best!  Above are some of the promo photos we did together.  These are by far my favorite because I was able to keep the looks simple, clean and feminine… my favorite type of work!

Here is a lovely photo of the hair and makeup I did for the lades for the premier party of Double Divas.  Don’t they look fabulous!

Here’s a couple of behind the scenes photos…



Both of the women enjoyed having fun with their hair and makeup looks and had some pretty wild requests at times.  Absolutely Fabulous, a hysterical comedy for the BBC Network, was a reference for their inspiration.  They were definitely not afraid to have fun with their looks!  If you haven’t seen “Ab Fab” do yourself a favor and check it out! Patsy and Eddie will have you rolling!

“Absolutely Fabulous” Patsy and Eddie

Two of the most outrageous and fun hair and makeup requests I received on the show were definitely the Moulin Rouge and Patsy of Ab Fab’s french twist accompanied by a bird accessory in Cynthia’s hair (I like to call it my cross between Patsy and Tippy Hedron of The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock).  Huh?  Say what?  Examples will follow folks.  They asked and I delivered! Here are a couple of photos I documented with my phone…


Seeing all of the customers that Molly and Cynthia were able to help was so cool and an honor to be a part of in some small way.  I got the chance to meet many of them myself.  My most memorable customer helped was the notorious Blondie, an infamous, over the hill but, not under the radar, exotic dancer, famous for crushing beer cans at the Atlanta landmark, The Clermont Lounge.  Turns out that aside from baring her breasts, Blondie is spreading inspiration to those around her by proving that everyone deserves to love and to be loved.  Here are a couple of photos behind the scenes getting Blondie ready for her makeup.  Aaannnnd another photo a friend captured of myself and Blondie after she added her signature cheeks and wig! ;-)   Everyone loved being around Blondie!  She just made you smile!


I only did Loren’s makeup, of The Coedz, a couple of times. She’s a sweet and talented girl and really loves a dramatic look.  Dramatic can be fun but, she’s such a natural beauty that I wanted to show her softer side. Here is a photo I snagged while on the set of one of her green screen interviews…

Not only did the customers on the show benefit from a good bra fit but, so did I! I highly recommend making the trip to see one of the ladies of Livi Rae Lingerie!  They are truly talented at what they do and sweet to boot!  I would have to say that while working on Double Divas I made some of the breast of friends and it was totally knockers!

Makeup and Hair by Susan Gramling

Susan Gramling Artistry


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